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You can keep your chair in pristine condition for years of enjoyment. But here are the do’s and don'ts: 

Outer Chair Shell

Do not use any solvents or abrasives to clean the outer shell. A soft microfiber cloth damped with dish wash soap and warm water will do the trick.

If somehow, you've got an ink mark or paint spill, then we suggest a very light circular massaging of the affected area with an automotive rubbing compound and microfiber cloth. 

Leather / Pleather Seat

Definitely no solvents, instead use a light application of neutral leather wax or cream every three months to keep your chair supple, clean, moisture repellant and comfortable. It's nutrition for longevity.

Liquid Spill

The chair has a small drain hole located within hull, so if you accidentally spill a beverage or coffee it will drain through to prevent liquid pooling in the foam section of the chair. Do not turn the chair upside down or use a hair dryer in an attempt to remove or dry out any liquids.