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How can we help? What do you want to know?

If you want to self-serve, see below, if you want a human, drop us a line... mark@dimpledesignedusa.com or david@dimpledesignedusa.com 

Can I put my logo on the Dimple Chair?
Yes of course - we can apply any 4 colour logo so customers can add their own; name, brand, company logo or club crest. All you have to do is supply hi-res artwork when you order. Note: because of the undulations, large circular badges don't work well on Dimple Chair as they crease, but get in touch with your artwork if you're unsure, our team will see how they can help.

Can I see what my Chair would look like before buying?
Absolutely. Just send your logo/artwork to david@dimpledesignedusa.com. What you'll get in return is a fantastic rendering of your customized chair. 

Can I use Dimple Chair as a desk chair?
Absolutely! Use it however your want, it won't mind!

Will Dimple Chair fit in my office?
...depends how big your office is...personally we'd throw everything else out to make room for it! But to be more helpful, Dimple Chair is 29.5 x 44.4 x 26.3 Inches.

How heavy is Dimple Chair?
Well if Bart is sitting in it, it's 120kg.
If Mark is sitting in it, it's 108kg.
Which basically means it's 24kg or 52.9lbs

Does Dimple Chair come in different colors?
Our standard color is classic 'golf ball white'. We can customize the chair in your preferred personal or corporate color. Your "Signature" chair would add 10-15 days to standard delivery times and pricing will be based on your customization request.  

How many Dimples are on a Dimple Chair?
24 on the chair, 2 on our cheeks, 2 on our 'other cheeks' and one on our chin!

Can I get a golf ball brand on the Chair?
Not yet, but we keep asking permission from their logo-cops. If you're keen to see it with a particular logo, but don't own that logo yourself, let us know which brand you'd prefer to see and we'll make sure that they realise that they should be working with us on your behalf!

What's vegan leather?
It's leather made from plastic cows. Sometimes called pleather, it's a durable, synthetic material which looks and feels like real leather, but doesn't harm real cows.

How do I become an authorised re-seller / distributor?
We're always looking to discuss options for commercial partners, email mark@dimpledesignedusa.com to begin a conversation with us.