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Golf Ball Chair for a Golf Club

If your club or resort is serious about golf and your patron's experience, a golf ball chair is the perfect way to demonstrate your passion for the game.

Whether used in the welcome lobby, entrance hall, locker room or bar, the Dimple Chair is an iconic asset for any club. instantly recognisable by anyone associated with golf, the golf ball chair is aspirational piece of furniture which your patrons and members will enjoy every time they sit in it!

Dimple Chair is very photogenic too and can be used to help promote your club and your facilities by including in images in and around your club-house or even on-course.

If you’re a golf club who like to feature your crest or logo on your own golf balls chair, get in touch with our team today:

Where to use your golf ball chair at your club

Here are just some of the ways that you might consider using your golf ball chair at your golf club or resort:

  • in public areas, lobbies and entrances 
  • in public bars
  • in locker rooms and members areas
  • as a first tee photo opportunity for events
  • as a centre-piece for corporate golf events
  • in marketing campaigns
  • in swing studios and driving ranges

Make it yours

Our golf ball chair is designed to look amazing in any environment, but with our personalisation service, you can now add your golf club or resort logo to the reverse and our golf ball chair becomes an amazing promotional asset.

We can add any 4-col logo or artwork to your chair as long as you have the appropriate permissions for reproduction. For details of our golf ball chair personalisation options, contact one of our team at info@dimpledesigned.com

To order your branded golf ball chair: