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Golf Ball Chair at Work

If you own your own business or have a boss who shares your love of golf, why not combine your two passions by having your own customised golf ball chair at work.
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Whether in your office, the visitors reception area, the staff breakout room or behind your desk, owning your very own golf ball chair makes a powerful statement about your and your business. A talking-point whenever anyone sees it, a customised golf ball chair is suitable for use in any scenario in your home office or conventional workplace.

To get your very own golf ball chair for your office / workplace:

Reasons for owning a golf ball chair at work:

How to convince the boss about why a golf ball chair is great for your business:

  • a talking point for any visitors to your business
  • a great way to reward staff with a cool chair in a cool office refurb
  • an iconic and memorable branded asset to feature in promotional photos
  • a great addition to any event or exhibition stand to attract clients to your business
  • a visible signal of your businesses success and personality

…and of course as a functioning piece of furniture, your auditor will respect the purchase when listed as a tax deductible business expense!

    Make it yours

    golf ball chair at work 2

    Our golf ball chair is designed to look amazing in any environment, but with our customisation service, you can now add your company logo to the reverse and our golf ball chair becomes a legitimate marketing asset to help promote your brand / business.

    We can add any 4-col logo or artwork to your chair as long as you have the appropriate permissions for reproduction. For details of our golf ball chair customisation options, contact one of our team at info@dimpledesigned.com

    To order your branded golf ball chair: