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Dimple Bar Stool (set of 2)

A full height version of our Dimple Dining and Desk Chair for using at a full height counter. Whether at home, in a bar, club, office or event the Dimple Bar Stool looks incredible.

The single mould, fibreglass seat is attached to a height adjustable base that also rotates 360 degrees. You'll already feel above the crowd with your dimple chair and on the Dimple Bar Stool you'll quite literally be a cut above!

Whether at home, in the office or perhaps even at an exhibition stand the Dimple Bar Stool features our signature dimple contours across the back, creating an instant design classic for anyone who loves golf and bold design.

    Product Specification
    A modern, single mould fibreglass chair, modelled on our successful egg chair construction, with our iconic dimpled golf ball texture featured across the back and sides. The sculpted lining and high sides have been shaped to provide support and comfort, with the sides angled to enable close positioning under or next to a desk or table top.

    The stainless steel base features a flat base for added stability, attached to a fully rotating and height adjustable stem.

    The perfect chair for your home, office, club or event stand - if you love golf, and bold design you'll love this chair.